Toyota Hails New Combustion Engine as a “Game Changer”

On the global stage, Toyota stands as one of Volkswagen’s biggest rivals. The Japanese automaker is the world’s largest car manufacturer with 11.23 million new registrations. In Europe, Toyota holds the second position in new registrations behind Germany’s largest manufacturer, with Toyota selling 686,705 units in 2023 compared to VW’s 1.15 million.

Toyota’s performance is on an upward trend across all markets, and to maintain this momentum, the company has long embraced technological openness. While electric cars are part of its portfolio, the 1937-founded manufacturer makes most of its profits from combustion engine models.

Toyota Develops New Generation of Engines – Chief Engineer Praises “Game Changer”

This approach is not set to change anytime soon. Rather than focusing on a single propulsion technology, Toyota invests in the fusion of various concepts, known as hybrid technology. A new generation of gasoline engines aims to surpass all previous models, making electrified combustion engines both mass- and climate-compatible for a long time to come.

At the end of May, Toyota unveiled new four-cylinder combustion engines that are still under development. In an interview, Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Hiroki Nakajima, enthusiastically discussed the future of the company’s gasoline engines, firmly believing that this technology is far from obsolete.

Nakajima described the planned engines (1.5 and 2.0-liter displacement) as a “game-changer” solution to Automotive News. According to him, these engines will be “completely different” compared to previous developments.

World’s Largest Automaker Embraces Technological Openness

Nakajima also mentioned the “very complicated task” of further development, especially regarding the pistons. Interestingly, research on hydrogen technology plays a significant role in their efficiency insights, explained the vice president. As one of the few manufacturers, Toyota has long been committed to this propulsion method and has already launched the second-generation model of the Toyota Mirai, which remains relatively unknown in some markets.

By continuously innovating and embracing a variety of technologies, Toyota positions itself at the forefront of the automotive industry, ensuring it remains a formidable competitor to Volkswagen and other major players.