Emmy award winning producer speaks at Loberne Lecture

Michelle Girardi Zumwalt, a 2004 graduate, produced a ’30 for 30′ documentary about the Super Bowl era Buffalo Bills.

Khari Demos, Sports Editor 

The 2017 Loberne Lecture was conducted by Sport Management professor Todd Harrison, where he met with Michelle Girardi Zumwalt of Pegula Sports Entertainment.

Girardi Zumwalt is a 2004 graduate of St. John Fisher and has had a resume filled with great experiences in her post graduate life. After winning three Emmy’s while working for NFL Films, she produced the Super Bowl era Buffalo Bills ‘30 for 30,’ titled The Four Falls of Buffalo.

The event was centered around Girardi Zumwalt’s work with the Bills called the Beyond the Blue and Red series. Kevon Seymour’s story was highlighted, with the project focusing on how the rookie corner made it from the hoods of Pasadena, CA. The video is named The Snake Pits, That’s Where I Grew Up.

Regardless of how far she has made it in her professional life, Girardi Zumwalt will always cherish being able to come back and help students from her Alma Mater.

“I love that I’m close enough that I am able to do this.” she said. “I always loved when alumni would come back and they shared how they had really cool jobs. I would think that maybe that really could be me one day, even if I do go to a smaller school like Fisher.”

Girardi Zumwalt will be back on campus next while covering the Bills training camp, which is set to take off in late July.

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