Students put their best foot forward when meeting potential employers

IMG_2084By Katy Perry and Diana Russo

Fisher students networked with professionals in hopes of securing an internship or an employment opportunity in MainStage at the Career and Internship Fair on March 29 at 1:30 p.m.

Students had the opportunity to converse with 47 potential employers, share their strengths and distribute their resumes. Companies in attendance included, Dick’s Sporting Goods, CGI Communications, Verizon Wireless, Spectrum News, PrimePay and several more.

Sophomore Evan Bourtis noticed the influx of possibilities and said, “there is absolutely everything there. There are things like finance, human resources, things along the medical fields, also things like banking and pretty much all sorts of businesses in Rochester. From attending the event, I get a feeling that Rochester is a very diverse place for businesses.”

Matt Cardin, the director of the career center, mentioned that the relationships Fisher has within the region has allowed this event to progressively improve over the past six years. With the growth of the event, Cardin noticed that businesses are always looking for new connections.

Erin Murphree, an employee of PrimePay said, “we love meeting eager college students who are trying to figure out their path, where they want to go in their career.”

Although several students attended the fair to seek opportunity, companies were also present to provide students with resources. For example, PrimePay is creating new programs to help interns learn more about the company’s purpose/mission. In return, interns will serve the company better and feel more confident with the work produced.

Bourtis encouraged students from all grade levels to attend the event because he said, “ …even if you don’t get an internship because you don’t have enough experience like a freshman might, you still get to meet people and network with them. And it’s just interesting to talk to people that you would aspire to be one day.”

Even if students aren’t interested in a particular opportunity or professional connection, Murphree suggested that students should always keep channels of communication open because “everyone is connected in someway”, she said. Murphree advised students to keep their professional profiles updated and keep an open mind.

For more information on potential career opportunities, contact the Career Center at

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