Annual wheelchair basketball game a huge hit

Khari Demos, Sports Editor

The Rochester Wheels defeated several members of the St. John Fisher College staff in a wheelchair basketball game, 78-74. This is the seventh consecutive year of the event and was hosted by Fisher’s Student-Athlete Mentors, raising well over $500 for the Rochester Accessible Adventures.

The Wheels made it a concerted effort to find a way to victory this year, coming off of their first loss in event history last spring. For many involved in the game, however, the final score is not as important as the overall cause of the event.

“It means a lot. We get to showcase what we do,” mentions player coach Xavier Major. “It gives great exposure, and allows spectators to tell those with disabilities about the services we provide.”


*Photo taken by Vice President of SAMs, Genevieve Paeglow.

Some of the St. John Fisher staff included Sport Management professors Katherine Burakowski, Todd Harrison, and Pat Gordon, football coach Chris Keyes, Vice President for Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives Richard DeJesus-Rueff and Wellness Education Programmer Sara Shipley. The Fisher staff was also coached by school President Gerard Rooney and Vice President Jose Perales.

Shipley states that there were over 100 in attendance for the game, which is much more than numbers in recent years.

“We had a dedicated crew of students that helped advertising and getting sponsors, Dr. Rooney and Jose Perales were here as well, along with the cheerleaders too,” said Shipley. “They were all able to really help get more people involved.”

SAMs will be back in the campus’ public eye one more time this year with its annual kickball tournament. A date has not been disclosed yet, but the event generally takes place on the last day of classes.


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