The Everyday Leaders Leadership Conference aimed to improve leadership qualities of Fisher students

Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 19, the Wegmans School of Nursing hosted the Everyday Leaders Leadership Conference to expose students of St. John Fisher to various ways to improve their leadership.

The afternoon began with a keynote speaker, Joe Urbanski, Director and Master Facilitator with Collegiate Empowerment, in Wilson Formal Lounge. Urbanski spoke to the students on the importance of first empowering yourself before empower others.

“I am here to serve the students with a session called You Can’t Lead Others Until You Lead Yourself to help the students to empower themselves,” he said. “Most people are held back by the same excuses and the same reasons in every area of their lives and so if we can push beyond some of those excuses we can do immeasurable things not only for ourselves but also for others.”

Following the speaker, participants had made their way to the Nursing building where they were given the option to participate in various workshops spread over two sessions.

The first session offered three distinct options: Women Can Be Leaders, Too!, Defining Your Leadership Style, and Storytelling as a Leadership Practice. The second session offered the following: Leadership in Action, The Ripple Effect, and Natural Born Leaders: Transitioning into Life After Fisher.

“I would hope that this conference, these workshops and discussions that we’ve all been having, is empowering them to be leaders, to realize they are already leaders in their everyday life,” said Colby Brown, Senior, Member of the Leadership Council and organizer of the conference. “I honestly cannot wait to see what they do not only with the end of this year but what their futures will hold.”

Anthony Silvestri, Senior shared his take on the event.

“It was very unique watching the people interact,” he acknowledged. Typically with something like this what you’re going to see are a lot of people that are naturally born leaders, so it’s interesting to see those people who take the initiative and linkup and just watch them interact as they go about their individual business.”

The conference concluded with a promotion of the LeaderShape initiative, which is a 6-day experience in various locations such as Champaign, IL, Boston, MA, and Atlanta, GA that builds leadership skills conducted by LeaderShape. For more information visit the website at

The event was hosted by the Leadership Council and the Office of Campus Life.


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