Baseball looks to upperclassmen for success this season

Cardinals baseball takes a 5-4 record to New Jersey, where they will face Misericordia University and Kean University on Sunday.

Bridget Carney, Staff Writer

After leaving Florida with a 5-4 record, the nationally ranked Cardinals are feeling optimistic heading into the rest of the season. Fisher played a total of 11 games in the Sunshine state, many of which were versus other nationally ranked teams.

The team now heads to New Jersey today where it will face both Misericordia University and Kean University in Union, NJ.

“It’s always good to face some of our toughest opponents down in Florida for the beginning part of the season,” said junior Scotty Eisenmenger. “It shows us what level we have to compete at in order to go back to Appleton and win a national championship.”

Eisenmenger, who lead the Empire 8 and was ranked 13th in the nation with 56 RBI in 2016, made it very clear that a national championship was the goal again this year. The Cardinals suffered a significant loss to graduation last year, saying goodbye to some great athletes as well as some great senior captains – a role they are now looking to fill.

A successful freshman and sophomore year set the stage for the 6-foot-4 Hilton native, but Eisenmenger now knows that he’s going to have to bring more to the table than just home runs. In addition to being ranked 28th in the country in that category last season, he wants to set an example both on and off the diamond for his teammates this year.

“I think the biggest part of our success last season was our team chemistry and how close everyone on the team was. The upperclassmen and I are trying to get that chemistry going,” said Eisenmenger. “With so many freshman, I have to step us as a role model and someone they can look up to.”

The Cardinals now hope to build off Florida with two solid wins on Sunday in hopes of building their non conference resume.

“We have the same expectations as last season, but we’re taking it inning by inning to get there.”


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