Laughing Your Way to Spring Break With Feraz Ozel

Feraz Ozel foreshadows spring break with stand-up comedy.

By Katy Perry, Staff Writer


The Student Activity Board (SAB) kicked off spring break with stand-up comedy in the Campus Center Mainstage on March 2.

Comedian Feraz Ozel was hilarious and crude as he joked about various topics like traveling, California and sex. His jokes are motivated by personal issues, in hopes of relating to the audience.

Sophmore Carter Frittch attended the event and appreciated that Ozel wasn’t scripted. Although crude remarks were made, Frittch felt they were balanced nicely with other jokes.

Ozel started telling jokes as a second year student at The University of California when he was chosen to do a stand-up for his fraternity’s charity event. As he pursued an education in law, he said he continued to do stand-up comedy for “funzies”. Eventually he pursued comedy in its entirety.

The Los Angeles native is inspired by comedians like Jon Stewart and Greg Deliradio. He refers to them as “some of the smarter guys that do like political stuff, that find a way to make it fun and silly. I genuinely gravitate towards comedy that makes people think about things.”

Jenna Stogsdill, a first year pharmacy student in attendance said her favorite jokes were personal, “such as his true love stories.”

An addition to comedy, Ozel auditions for acting roles, and writes for TV shows. He hopes to continue to book events and grow artistically.

To listen to more jokes, check out Ozel’s podcasts at

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