Get Out to See Horror Film “Get Out”

Get out to view highly rated horror film “Get Out”.

By Ryan Sutherland, Staff Writer

Debut horror film “Get Out”, written and directed by Jordan Peele, manages to startle and unnerve an audience while making social commentary about racism. Although the movie is filled with trepidation and some violence, there is no shortage of comedic moments that reveal themselves at the absolute perfect times.

In the movie, a young man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) goes on a trip with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her parents. Rose hasn’t told her parents that Chris is black and this makes him feel insecure. Rose positively reassures Chris by telling him that her father would have voted for Obama a third time if he had the option to. As soon as they arrive at her parent’s house, there is an unsettling atmosphere that Chris is hip to.

What set this film apart from other horror movies was the perspective and logical strength of the narrative. The perspective of the film is through the eyes of a black man in today’s culture. Chris has seen these injustices his whole life and when his white girlfriend seems to be appalled by the way he is treated by police and family members, the viewer sees this with her. This ‘white guilt’ is something we may see a lot in society. But something we rarely see in big movies.

The timing of the release of ‘Get Out’ is ideal in regards to our current political climate and the years leading up to it. Prejudice and racism seems to consume multiple aspects of society. Peele’s movie reflects his thoughtful insight and explores the idea that white people don’t necessarily want to alienate black people, they just want to control them. The metaphor of slavery looms large over this flick.

Comedy duo Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key, creators of hit comedy show “Key & Peele”, are no strangers to social satire. Peele and Key’s hit show amassed awards and millions of fans. When the show ended in 2015, the pair split off to seek separate ventures. It seemed like the obvious next step for Peele was to stick to comedy movies and at first it was quite a surprise when he made the switch to the horror genre. But after I saw ‘Get Out’, it all made sense. It was a breath of fresh air from the cookie cutter horror films we are used to seeing in today’s shock value driven culture.

The film has little to no fillers or excess content and everything that was mentioned or referenced in the film was wrapped up by the end. Peele’s directorial debut is a hit and to assure anyone going to see it, the satire is not overwhelming, the horror and the comedy are in the forefront. It will leave you pleased that you spent the money to see it. It is expected that Peele will be releasing four more horror films within the next decade. He has a promising directing career ahead of him if they are anything like this one.

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