Black Student Union kicks off inaugural Unity Week with dinner

The event promoted discussion and awareness of diversity issues on campus.

By Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer 

On the evening of Friday, Feb. 24, Wilson Formal hosted the Black Student Union (BSU) Unity Dinner to promote discussion and awareness on diversity issues facing the Fisher campus.

The night held a dinner and various speeches from both student and faculty members. There was even a dance to celebrate the cultural aspect of Black Heritage Month.

“The purpose of this event was not only to honor Black Heritage Month but also to celebrate the importance of unity, especially on college campuses,” said Jocelyne Hakizimana, president of BSU. “We just wanted to enjoy great food here, see people perform, and just have deep conversations without having to worry about being judged or despite anyone’s religion, culture, beliefs or anything.”

The Unity Council is an initiative brought together by a number of different diversity groups in hopes to make conversations on diversity commonplace.

Kenneth Caminero, president of the Latino Student Union (LSU) and member of the Unity Council, insists that the whole purpose of the event is to bring people together.

“This initiative is meant for students to come together with faculty and staff to bring an understanding that we are all here together,” he said. “e are all here to strive and to be better of each other and to make sure that we can bring about the tough questions, the difficult conversations, and to bring along the dialogue that is meant for us to have.”

The BSU Unity Dinner is just one of many organized events by the Unity Council in what is expected to be an annual week of diversity awareness. Other such events include the Latino Student Union’s Dominican Independence Day on Feb. 25, the Keynote Address by Odell Bizzell on Feb. 27, and the Quilting with the Feminist Alliance on Feb. 28.

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