Final recap of this year’s success at Teddi 35

A final look into how Teddi 35 was such a huge success.

By Peggy Hogan-Rao, Managing Editor 

The 35th Annual Teddi Dance For Love raised a significant amount more money this year than last year. With committed dancers and generous sponsors, this year’s annual Teddi Dance For Love was as great of a success the organization has seen in recent years.

The organization raised  $70, 189 compared to the just over $50,000 it raised a year ago.

“I was absolutely speechless when I saw the total amount and am still in shock,” said Chair of Teddi Committee Hillary Wilcox. “I think we were able to raise more because we just constantly promoted Teddi. We also made a lot of changes in Teddi this year, everything from the logo to the structure of the executive board.”

The team that fundraised the most money was Fisher Players, with their original goal of fundraising $500 as a team. Jenna Keppel, Fisher Players’ events coordinator explains, “honestly it wasn’t that hard because our original goal was like $500, but then we bumped it up to $1,000 and now like $2,000.”

Each member of the Teddi Committee created a “first giving” page for their fundraising, and those participated in the dance were able to create a “first giving” page that they shared with their families back home.

McKayla Johnson, co-finance captain said, “this year we were able to maintain a much larger committee throughout the whole year, and I definitely think more people stuck with Teddi.”

The Teddi Committee did a lot more work fundraising this year than in past years. Erica Atkins, co-finance captain, said, “Hilary (Chair of Teddi Committee) and Emily (Vice-Chair of the Committee) purchased more shirts at the beginning that we can sell, so we just did more fundraising than last year.”

This year, the Basilian Fathers donated $500 to the cause.

“I believe that is new,” Johnson said.  “I don’t know 100 percent, but their generous donation was really nice.”

Wilcox insisted that she was especially thankful to Camp Good Days and Special Times as well as Barnes and Noble and Dan Edes for donating $5,000.

One new event this year that contributed to the fundraising was the Teddi Volleyball tournament. Also,  the Teddi Committee reached out to local businesses in the area.

“We had a Moe’s fundraiser, a Chipotle fundraiser and an Alex and Ani fundraiser where a certain part of their profit went to Teddi,” Atkins said.

Johnson definitely thinks reaching out to the local community was a good idea, and she said, “more of the campus supported them and went to them, which was really good.”

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