Low Turnout for Feminist Alliance Poetry Reading

The Feminist Alliance club held a poetry reading in honor of Black History Month.

Peggy Hogan-Rao, Managing Editor 

In honor of Black History Month, the Feminist Alliance hosted a poetry reading on Thursday Feb. 16 with a focus on African American poets Maya Angelou and Audre Lorde.

The turnout of the event was unusually low. Sophomore Mackenzie Wislow said “I didn’t hear about it until I was in class.” The email regarding the event was sent out to the campus the day of the event, not giving much notice to students.

Another reason why the turnout was small, about 15 total, is because it was an academic-based event. Shannon DeHoff, President of Feminist Alliance, said “I expect the turnout to be relatively small, especially because it is an academic-based event.”


Shannon DeHoff reads a poem.

Popcorn and pizza were available to those who attended the event. Not just poetry by Angelou and Lorde was heard at this reading. Professor Stephen West read a few poems by a more modern poet, as a change in the readings.

DeHoff explained, “Anyone that comes by and wants to (can do a reading). They are welcome to read whatever they like.”

The students that were at the poetry reading enjoyed the event. Winslow said, “I like how it’s dedicated to a particular cause.”

Feminist Alliance will hopefully be bringing back a self-defense class to Fisher and a day-long event in April, according to DeHoff.

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