Celebration of Chinese New Year at Fisher

Asian Student Union hosts a Chinese New Year Celebration.

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer

On the night of Feb. 13 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Asian Student Union (ASU) ran an event in the Mainstage to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The event started off with a ticket scavenger hunt, which allowed students to use them for raffles. Chinese food was offered and crafts such as making little drums was available for students.

Xiaodi Chen, vice president of the ASU, said “what is really cool about our club is we are a diversity club so we bring different asian cultures here.”

Katherine Lee, the president, and Chen have great roles in the organization. “We regulate and make sure, a lot of the support comes from the e-board itself… we kind of make sure that the stuff that we are doing is ethical according to our club,” Chen said.

Attending the events, Chen hopes for students to be educated on different Asian cultures and events such as the Chinese New Year, Japanese Blossom, and Louse Thailand.

Since Chen and Lee are graduating at the end of this semester, Chen said “we are prompting people to be leaders for next semester…. a lot of the younger people are taking charge, we are kind of stepping down.”

Val Nguyen, a younger member of the organization, was responsible for organizing most of the event with the help from e-board members. Chen said, “she came up with a lot of ideas. Obviously it was everyone, but Val kind of took charge on this.”

Chen said, “we will have a couple more events this semester. We will have Japanese Blossom, we have a dumpling outing too, which is really like popular, so look forward to that.”

Alexa McQueen, a freshman, said that she saw the sign and a poster about the event.

McQueen said, “I was really interested in getting Chinese food and I wanted to learn more about China and it’s culture.”

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