Teddi volleyball tournament provides more opportunities to raise money

The Teddi foundation held a volleyball tournament to rase money for its cause.

By Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer 

On the evening of Friday, Feb. 10, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Athletic Center hosted the Teddi Volleyball Tournament to provide students of St. John Fisher yet another opportunity to donate to the Teddi Dance for Life.

As many as nine teams participated, each of which provided a $30 entry fee into the tournament for a total of $270 added to the Teddi Dance for Life charity.

“So this is the first year we’ve hosted the volleyball tournament,” said Teddi chair Hilary Wilcox. “We noticed that intramural volleyball is really popular here so we wanted to tap into those people’s’ interests. The fundraising money that we get for the volleyball tournament will go towards our total at Teddi, so we feel that it’s a great cause.”

The winning team was Team Meader consisting of Brooke Meader, Jake Zarzycki, Stephan McCann, Ray Pominville, Alicia Girard and Quinn M. Wegmans Gift cards were awarded to the winning team.

“I was asked last minute to join a team and thought it was an entertaining event for a good cause so I figured I’d join,” said senior Christopher Fillian. “Teddi always does a great job of raising money for the Teddi summer camp and I’m always happy to be a part of it.”

Other such events include the school’s annual basketball tournament, the Teddi Trot 5K, and similar fund raising events in collaboration with Moe’s Mexican Restaurant and Chipotle.

The event was hosted by the Teddi Dance for Love committee.

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