Campus Ministry Welcomes Kevin Mannara to Fisher

Soon to be ordained Kevin Mannara is welcomed at Fisher at the Campus Ministry Open House

Photo by Kyle Cataldo 

By Kyle Cataldo, Staff Writer

In welcoming the new Campus Ministry Director, the organization held an open house on Feb. 10 2017, inviting all of campus to celebrate.

Food and drinks were served to everyone who came into the newly re-opened Campus Ministry Center, and those interested could meet Kevin Mannara and the incoming ministry staff. According to Mannara, the doors were shut last semester due to a lack of staff available, and he was happy to open them back up starting with this event.

Mannara noted that even though he has been on campus before, his new role and time on campus has given him a better understanding of the St. John Fisher College community.

“It’s amazing how friendly everybody’s been, in some sense I feel like I’ve always been here, because everyone is so welcoming,” said Mannara. “President Rooney is fantastic. You know what’s so exciting for the Fisher community? You have a president that absolutely loves being the president of Fisher.”

Many of the Fisher community stopped by during the four hour open house, including students, staff and community members.

Mannara will be ordained to become a priest in August, and he will start his new position as Director of Campus Ministry in Fall 2017.

Mannara mentioned that Campus Ministry had a few objectives in mind for the open house besides providing refreshments and giveaways. “We want students to know that Campus Ministry is there, but we also want to hear from students how Campus Ministry can serve them.”


1 Comment on Campus Ministry Welcomes Kevin Mannara to Fisher

  1. Ray Manuszak // February 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    Great Choice and we have a great choice with regard to the new Deacon. Plus let us not forget what Father Al has done covering masses over the pass year.

    Ray Manuszak


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