Political figure speaks at Agape Latte event

Rachel Barnhart spoke at the Agape Latte event at St. John Fisher on Feb. 8.

Olivia Wild, Staff Writer 

On the night of Feb. 8, Rachel Barnhart spoke at the event Agape Latte. Barnhart is a political figure who is from Rochester and has done communication work such as news reporting, online article writing and he ran for the state assembly.

The event started at 7:30 p.m. ending around two hours later. Coffee, tea and desserts were offered while a raffle also took place at the event.


Rachel Barnhart speaking at the event. 

Barnhart talked about her upbringing in the Rochester city area and the hardships of becoming the person that she is today. She gave advice on how to deal with obstacles about life, and being a woman in the public eye.

Jonathan Schott, the new assistant director of the campus ministry, organized this event.

“When I was going through the process of coming on board in staff here at Fisher, I was encouraged to come in with an idea for a new program and Agape Latte was that idea,” Schott said.  “By virtue of that Father Joe died and Deacon Tom’s retired and having a whole semester of essentially nothing, I thought it would be a good idea to try something new and sort of come out with high energy in a new way of doing things.”

Agape Latte is an event where anyone can come and join into the comervastion between the guest speaker and others about various topics.

“Other schools who do it has had a consisted track record of bringing people together, bring new faces, new people, new places, and letting people share their stories in a really comfortable environment with good food and good coffee,” he added.

Schott contacted Barnhart through Twitter. He has seen her on the news and running for the state assembly, and thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss with students and faculty attending the event.

With the help from Rick DeJesús-Rueff, the vice president of the Student Affairs & Diversity Initiatives, the March Agape Latte event has been planned already. For the upcoming March event, guest speaker Mara Ahmed, a Pakistani American filmmaker, will be speaking about her Muslim faith and more.

We need to be able to expand the way that we look in faith in order to deepen our own,” Schott said.

Matthew Jones, a junior nursing major student at Fisher, attended the event.

I definitely heard from Jonathan Schott here, there is posters all throughout campus,” he said.  “Being involved in campus ministry, I knew that it was going on.”

“The talk was really cool, I really enjoyed it,” Jones said.  “The next one is in march so I will be definitely attending that.”


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