Panel brings mental illness awareness

Two speakers shared their challenges and journeys with mental illness.

Photo taken by Morgan Andersen.

Photo credit: Morgan Andersen

By Morgan Andersen, News Editor

On Feb. 7, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) came to Fisher for to bring awareness about mental illness. This event drew a crowd of about 30 to 40 people. This event sponsored by the NAMI group at Fisher took place in St. Basil Auditorium during free period.

NAMI has a local branch in Rochester that provides support to those who have mental illness and their families and loved ones. They offer support groups, classes, and so much more. The cost of getting help is nothing, as they provide these resources for free.

The event had two speakers, both who have struggled with mental illness. The speakers shared their challenges and journeys. It was a change to hear about mental illness discussed in a way that didn’t shame anyone or create a stigma.

Christina Mossgrabber, Special Events Coordinator for NAMI Rochester, was one of the speakers for the presentation. She spoke about her journey and her diagnosis of bipolar disorder as well as talking about how NAMI can help.

Mossgrabber said, “The main takeaway I would want people to take away is that support is available; help is out there. To me, it’s one of the strongest things you can do, people might think it’s weak, but it’s so strong.”

NAMI has a presence on the Fisher campus. Megan Sechrist is the president of the Fisher chapter of NAMI. Their primary goal is to raise awareness and end the stigma about mental illness.

When speaking with Megan, it was clear that this is something that she is very passionate about. She said, “I want them to know it’s a great resource for students and faculty. It’s a great resource for those struggling with mental illness or people with loved ones that have a mental illness.”

NAMI’s main event to bring awareness and raise money is the annual NAMI Walk. This year, the event is on May 6. Fisher has several teams participating in the walk. For more information visit

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