Winter blood drive is a success

The next blood drive is scheduled for April.

By Katy Perry and Olivia Wild, Staff Writers 

Over 90 appointments and walk-ins were made between Fisher students and faculty. Altogether 88 pints of blood were collected, that can save up to 264 lives.

On Jan. 31, from 10 a.m.. to 4 p.m., the American Red Cross Blood drive was held in Wilson Formal Lounge. Students and faculty participated in this event.

Mollie Flynn, a senior at Fisher, was the coordinator of the blood drive and will be for the next one coming up in April. Flynn said, “my position is pretty much the spokesperson for Fisher to connect with the Red Cross so that I let them know how we are doing in terms of recruiting.”

There was tables set up in the campus center throughout the week so that students can easily sign up for time slot. Flynn said, “we do a lot of recruiting to get people to sign up for the blood drive so we do that by sending out an email and we also we have tables set up in the campus center… We do that by also getting our other executive members from SWAV to help recruit.”

“It was a really big success just through the presence of the SWAV members asking students to sign up. We have a huge combination of faculty members and the students who wanted to sign up,” Flynn stated

Meghan Sarkis is the national photographer and graphic design artist for the American Red Cross.

Sarkis has been working with them for about 5 years now. She truly believes in the organization, stating, “I believe in the mission, I think it’s a wonderful organization to work for and we do a lot of good in the community so it’s just wonderful to be a part of it.”

Sarkis said, “blood is something that cannot be manufactured so it’s really important to get donations. I mean every minute someone needs blood so we really rely on donations for that. We don’t pay anybody, it’s from the goodness from people’s hearts.”

Ryan Grabowski, a student at Fisher, donated a pint of his blood. He said, “it’s a good thing to do. It’s a good cause.”

Grabowski said that he signed up during the Winter Involvement Festival.

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