Winter Involvement Fest draws students to get involved in campus activities

As many as 40 clubs participated in the event.

By Mike Maraghi, Staff Writer

On the afternoon of Tuesday Jan. 24, Mainstage hosted the Winter Involvement Fest to provide students of St. John Fisher with a wealth of knowledge into the various organizations and activities offered on campus.

As many as 40 clubs participated and provided information on both the background of the club and how to become a member. The organizations involved included the Gay Straight Alliance, Sustained Dialogue, Student Activities Board (SAB), Drastic Measures, and Fisher Players, along others.

Kelsey Michener, Vise President of Clubs and Organizations for Student Government, provided her take on the significance of the Winter Involvement Fest and its importance as a biannual event.

“I think what SGA hopes to get out of this is to target those Freshmen that didn’t really want to get involved the first semester. It’s half way through the year, the students have just gotten adjusted to their courses, and now they can start getting involved and see who they want to be on campus and who they want to be involved with,” said Michener.

Lainie Lucas, a junior, talked about her experience.

“I love coming to involvement fest, I come every semester. It’s a great way for clubs to put out what programs are going on with them throughout the year as well as what they stand for, new members, and if they want to make any new progressions on campus, so I always come just to see what’s going on with the student body and how active they are in making a difference on our campus,” said Lucas.

The Winter Involvement Fest was hosted by the Student Government Association.

Those who could not attend the Festival can learn more information about campus clubs and involvement by visiting the SGA office and website ( and also enroll in the campuses’ newly revealed FisherSync.


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