Scavenger hunt raises awareness about accessibility

The Council for Exceptional Children hosted the event.


Tori Recuparo, left, and Ashley Staunch pose with the Fisher Cardinal during Saturday’s scavenger hunt. (Michael Maraghi, Staff Photographer)

By Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer 

On Saturday, Nov. 12, St. John Fisher College hosted the Accessibility Scavenger Hunt to raise awareness about the accessibility of Fisher facilities and help in maneuvering around the campus.

Participants were split into groups of two and sent out to nine different locations around campus, including Kearney Hall. Kearney is a complex building to navigate through, with four floors, multiple staircases, and out-of-commission elevators. This presents a problem for certain individuals that are not able to traverse up the long staircases or navigate through the construction-ridden exterior of the campus.

Upon arrival at the various locations, participants were tasked to take notes and pictures of points of interest to the overall safety and accessibility of campus. Something as simple as a treacherous step that requires a ‘Watch Your Step’ sign or one that improves convenience of walking to class, were of significance.

Devin Guinnip, Co-President of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), outlined the intentions of the occasion.

“The main goal of the event was to make campus more inclusive for everyone who steps foot on it,” Guinnip said. “So it’s not just people who attend Fisher right now, faculty, staff, alumni, or whomever, but also visitors who we have on campus, people that come on tours and specific events. We don’t just want campus to be accessible for people that know the campus, but for anyone who steps on foot.”

Tori Recuparo, a freshman, commented on her experience.

“The scavenger hunt had us make stops at various locations on campus, including Kearney, Basil, and the stadium,” she said. “The event pushed us to look at our campus from a different perspective than we’re used to, and see what people with disabilities might experience when they attend St. John Fisher.

The Council for Exceptional Children, a division of Student Government Association, hosted the event.

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