Fisher hosts annual Fall Fest

This year’s event had a superhero and veteran theme.

Students attend Fall Fest at the Campus Center Main Stage. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer 

On the night of Nov. 11, Fall Fest took place at the Campus Center Main Stage, providing snacks, games and prizes for any student that could attend.

Julie Ciardi, the homegrown coordinator for the Student Activities Board, said that Fall Fest “is a tradition that has been happening ever since I was at Fisher. In the event, there are a bunch of clubs that get a theme and there is an over arching theme to the event. So this year’s theme is superheroes and veteran’s themed because it is Veteran’s Day. Each club has a table and has a game that represents the theme.”

Throughout the event, copious amounts of students filled the entire Main Stage dancing to music, talking to other students and having fun winning tickets for raffle prizes. Ciardi said, “the students can win prizes at those tables and can enter to win larger raffle prizes.”

Nick Ames, a freshman, said that “there were a lot of people who played games and won tickets for prizes. I had a lot of fun. I would definitely go again next year.”

“It is very similar to Involvement Fest, it’s getting a bunch of clubs together and having a good time not so much kind of pushing like what clubs do, but more of just having fun and interacting with other students,” said Ciardi.

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