Trump was ‘fairly elected’

Fisher students react to presidential election.

By Nick Castelli, Staff Writer 

It actually happened. Somehow, someway, Donald Trump won the election and come Jan. 20, 2017, he will be the 45th president of the United States. The nation is reacting in a disheartening manner from both sides. Extremists from both parties are reverting to racial hatred, the extreme left are rioting and causing destruction in major cities, and many college campuses are coddling “traumatized” students and faculty. In moments like this, Fisher students provide hope and set the example the rest of the country should be following.

John Sullivan and Alex Stathopoulous, originally backed John Kasich but went in different directions after the primary. When asked how the nation comes together after such a polarizing election season, Sullivan responded, “It comes down to Hillary and Obama. If they can bring the left toward the middle line and Trump can follow a more moderate program, then his presidency could be extremely successful.”

Stathopoulous added that Trump needs to “gain back the trust from the gay community, women, and minorities,” if he hopes to be successful and he believes that Trump’s first speech as President-Elect worked toward that goal.

“It’s important that Trump is given a fair shot to lead the nation. After all, he was fairly elected by the people.”
– Larisa Baird

Another student, Larisa Baird, a supporter of neither candidate, said, “In [Trump’s] first 100 days, he must address the divide in the nation.” Baird believes as a school community we need to have an open and honest dialogue where we support each other and listen to each other’s opinions.

Most often, opinions are formed from the information that is presented to us. As young adults, we have the responsibility to each other and to the nation to stay informed on the facts and issues that face our society. This also includes the political arena where a theme of misinformation has emerged. When asked about the media’s portrayal of serious issues, Jacob Cowles said, “We should not just blindly accept what one media outlet tells us. It seems that each one has an agenda it wants to push. We should access the vast amount of resources and information available to us to form our own opinions.”

When posed with the idea of a fresh start for President-elect Trump, the students responded in the same fashion as Baird. “It’s important that Trump is given a fair shot to lead the nation. After all, he was fairly elected by the people,” said Baird.

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