Going the extra length for Teddi

Fisher students donated a minimum of eight inches of hair at Wednesday’s event.

By Lindsey Garrant, Staff Writer 

With the blaring music and excited chatter, the participants’ energy was palpable. Fisher students donated a minimum of eight inches of hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, in exchange for a free T-shirt and a free act of charity on Wednesday Nov. 9.

The Teddi club hosted, Teddi Event: Donate Your Hair to Beautiful Lengths, in Mainstage, in celebration of the 100 day countdown until the 35th annual Teddi Dance. Teddi Dance, a 24 hour dance marathon, will take place Feb. 17-18.

Hayley Barber, a member of the events and collaboration sub-committee in Teddi, discussed why students should attend this annual event, “It’s for a great cause. If people don’t know, it’s for Camp Good Days and Special Times, which is a camp for kids with cancer. All of the money that we raise for Teddi goes towards a trip for the kids. It’s just a great cause and helps people outside of our community.”

The excitement of those in attendance, constant chatter and loud music created a palpable energy in Mainstage.

This annual event is just one of many events planned prior to Teddi. For those who want to participate in Teddi, Barber said, “Do anything you possibly can to help. Everyone, anyone can register for the dance. If you can even come to the end or do any kind of contribution, fundraising, anything like that, it’s more helpful than anything.”

Students who were unable to donate hair can still donate at Teddi on Feb. 18 or bring their cut hair in a ziplock bag labeled with their name and address.

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