Fisher football has record-breaking performance

Receiver Will Coon and quarterback Matt Naton both set records for a game.

By Evan Bourtis, Staff Writer

Saturday’s game against Hartwick was a very emotional game for many of Fisher’s players as it was the last regular season game at Growney Stadium for the 2016 season.

The crowd cheered passionately as the players stepped on to the field prior to the game to embrace their family members. The parents of players like quarterback Matt Naton had pride in their eyes, knowing what an incredible quarterback and leader their son turned out to be.

Seniors like Naton, running back Tony Fusco, safety DJ Logory, and the 25 other seniors recognized during the annual senior ceremony.

Thankfully for the Cardinal seniors, the team was able to use its comradery to beat the Hartwick Hawks 68-40, and set a record for most touchdown passes in a game.

Fisher showed its incredible power of collaboration in the middle of the first quarter, when the Fisher offensive line saved Naton from a near sack before he threw a 34-yard touchdown pass to to Will Coon. After Fisher special teams blocked the extra point for Hartwick, Coon made another incredible catch on a 54-yard pass and run thrown from Naton.

Fisher’s first major defensive victory came after linebacker Justin Rivera forced a fumble when sacking Hartwick’s second string quarterback Cory Wood. The Cardinals tried to convert the fumble into a field goal, only to have Devin Dzikowicz’s kick blocked by the Hartwick special teams unit.

The second quarter was fast paced, as Naton seemed to rely more on Fusco to move the ball. The first drive gave Dzikowicz a 25-yard redemption kick, which was completed.

Fisher’s next drive resulted in Coon’s third touchdown reception. After a series of short passes from quarterback Thomas Sydeski, the Hawks were able to put six points on the board with a touchdown from receiver Corey Reed. This motivated the Hawks to go for a two-point conversion, which ended in an incomplete pass.

Fisher scored two more touchdowns by the end of the first half, one resulting from a run by Fusco and the other from a 26-yard completion to Will Blake. This made the score 42 to 20 going into the third quarter.

Fisher’s senior-lead defensive line showed off their ability to cover Pichardo in the third quarter, only allowing him one touchdown.

In the 4th quarter, Coon broke the record for receiving yards in game, which has stood since 1988. He finished the day with 222 yards after catching his 11th pass from Naton. However, it was J.J. Mulvey who had the honor of making the catch to set Naton’s record for most touchdown passes in a game.

Before the end of the game, Fisher had one more trick up their sleeve. With four minutes left in the game, Coach Vosburgh put freshman quarterback Collin Fiutko in the game. Fiutko, who will most likely be next year’s starting quarterback, threw a 44 yard completion to Coon in corner of the end zone. Coon’s catch made the final score 68- 40, propelling Fisher’s record to 8-1.

Now it all comes down to one game on the road against an undefeated Alfred University team for a chance to earn a share of the Empire 8. A win will automatically grant the Cardinals an entry into the Division III NCAA tournament.

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