Students play games for Extra Life Charity

Event was organized by Fisher’s Gaming Club and Digital Cultures and Technologies.


A student participates in the annual 25-hour gaming marathon. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Photographer)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer

On Saturday Nov. 5, Fisher’s Gaming Club and Digital Cultures and Technologies put together the annual 25-hour gaming marathon that was streamed live for the Extra Life Charity.

All of the Fisher gamers came prepared to play for 25 hours straight. Not only were video games being played, there were also board, card and role playing games.

Some of the video games that were featured during this event were Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Kaladesh Booster Draft, League of Legends, and more. Anyone interested in playing was able to stop by and join in on the games.

“People could come down for the full 25 hours, or they could come down for 20 minutes if they wanted too,” said Adam Alber, member of the Gaming Club. “A schedule was put together to see what games were being played when, who was hosting each game, and all the logistics that goes beyond planning an event like this.”

The two clubs put on this event to raise money for the Extra Life program. This program brings together thousands of players around the world in a 24-hour gaming marathon to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The proceeds and donations gained by this event at Fisher went directly to Rochester’s very own Golisano’s Children’s Hospital.

“I ended up staying for about 16 hours,” said Jared Bird, junior. “I do not think it was healthy how many energy drinks I actually drank, but it was for a great cause so it pretty much evens out.”

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