Fisher draws up future Master Plan, seeks student input

Topics included residential dorm upgrades and increased parking availability.

Students gather for presentation of Campus Master Plan by President Rooney. (Jake Allen, Staff Photographer)

By Jake Allen, Managing Editor 

Creating a better life and brighter future for students, Fisher released its “Campus Master Plan” in hopes to improve the college environment.

An open forum for students was held on Friday Nov. 4 where President Gerard Rooney spoke and informed the students on the plans for residential dorm upgrades, as well as increased parking availability.

“What we are trying to do is keep costs as low as we can because we recognize that higher education is expensive,” said Rooney. “We are also recognizing too that everybody expects to have facilities that are current. Programs can be delivered better in facilities that can accommodate whatever the latest technologies are.”

Students were encouraged to attend the open forum to gain a better insight as to how the plan will accommodate their needs. Students participated in an extensive online survey in regards to current housing conditions. Students also engaged in focus groups conducted by school officials the weeks prior to the release of the master plan.

Senior Hillary Wilcox attended the open forum and feels that the plans consider many of her concerns and interests.

“I kind of just wanted to know what direction Fisher was headed,” said Wilcox. “I mean, you hear all the rumors all the time, ‘oh Fisher’s going to buy Naz, Fisher’s going to do this, that and the other thing.’ So it’s really interesting to actually hear the facts from the source. It’s really cool to see what’s going to happen to a school that you love so much and something to look forward to when I come back after this year.”

President Rooney hopes to acquire major donations from local investors and generous alumni for the future construction of making the campus more efficient and safer.

“As we look ahead, the strategic plan gives you direction,” said Rooney. “The campus master plan complements that by outlining what facilities or spaces you need to deliver that and then that gives the president the opportunity for the president to go out and fundraise for that.”

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