Fisher Votes Forum compares presidential candidates

Immigration, jobs, and terrorism were all discussed.



Senior Kyle Cataldo and Isabela Leech present on the feasibility of Clinton’s immigration policies. (Peggy Hogan-Rao, Staff Photographer)

By Peggy Hogan-Rao, News Editor

The St. John Fisher College Honors Program had a class of students from different areas of study discuss the policies of each Presidential Candidate in the Fisher Votes Forum. This public policy forum was held in Golisano Gateway in Basil on Thursday Nov. 3 from 4-6 p.m.

Professor Kathleen Donovan and Dr. Wes Renfro organized this class together, both professors in the Political Science Department. Donovan made it clear that when putting together this class, a big component of the class would be to put on a public forum discussing the big policies of each of the candidates.

When asked what the goal of having this event was, Donovan said, “The main goal was mostly to give students and faculty an opportunity to hear about the policies. We don’t often hear about the level of detail that we get here where 20 minutes is dedicated to each policy.”

Sophomore Gabriella Kielbasinski participated in the Fisher Votes Forum, as a representative of Mr. Trump’s policies on immigration. She said, “It was a non-partisan practice. We did not take sides. We just delivered the facts, feasibility, and the possible consequences of the candidates’ policies.”

At the beginning of the forum, the topics were announced: immigration, jobs, and terrorism. Two or three students for each candidate discussed each topic.

Some of the main points made regarding these issues were Clinton’s goal of creating debt-free futures and free community colleges, Trump’s free trade policy, Clinton’s belief in making sure families of illegal immigrants stay connected, and Trump’s plan for building a 2,000 mile wall between border of Mexico and United States.

As part of the Fisher Votes forum, there was a question and answer period and a straw poll. At the beginning of the forum, students and faculty were given a sheet with each of the presidential candidates.

At the end of the question and answer period, the results were announced: one write in for Bernie Sanders, 15 for Gary Johnson, 62 for Hillary Clinton, and 39 for Donald Trump.

Students and faculty are getting really excited about this election, as seen by the turnout of the event. Donovan said, “Dr. Renfro said we had 130 at the start (of the event).”

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