Annual Teddi Trot has ‘great’ turnout

Over 50 participants came out for this year’s event.

By Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer

Saturday, Oct. 29 marked the third annual Teddi Trot, hosted by the Teddi Life Center through St. John Fisher College.

The event, held over family weekend, included two races: the 1-mile Fun Run, and the 5K race. The Fun Run provided the opportunity for younger participants to run, or walk, with their families. The other race had higher stakes, with over 50 participants involved.

The winning time of the 5K was Mitch Lalik, a senior student at the college, with a time of 20:36. Lalik is the two-time defending Teddi Trot champion.

“I think Teddi is just a great cause in general, and I love running, so it’s two things I’m very passionate about together,” he said. “I think the Teddi group does a great job of doing a lot of different events to get people involved, whether they are athletic or if they want to be in the Teddi club, or do service events.”

James Rustowicz, a senior and captain of events and collaborations committee, was one of the organizers of the Teddi Trot.

“I think it went really well,” he said. “We weren’t really sure exactly the number of people we were going to have, but the turnout was great. We had both students and families, with it being family weekend, and it was nice to see the parents walking with their kids. The goal was to raise money for Teddi and raise awareness and I think we accomplished both.”

Both races were performed on the Fisher cross-country track behind Murphy Hall.

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