Master illusionist performs during Family Weekend

Elliot Zimet showed off his magic in the Cleary Auditorium.

By Peggy Hogan-Rao, News Editor

The master illusionist Elliot Zimet came to St. John Fisher to show off his magic with the help of the audience and some birds. Elliot Zimet performed for St. John Fisher College families on Saturday Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. in Cleary Auditorium for Family Weekend.

Elliot Zimet is a professional Master Illusionist. You may have seen some of his acts on MTV, VH1, or even America’s Got Talent when he was a semi-finalist.

This event was very family-oriented, as Jordan Wood, Student Activities Board’s (SAB) Nightlife Coordinator explained: “For Family Weekend, I wanted to not just incorporate students, but I wanted the whole family to be together.”

Zimet is different than most acts you see at Fisher, as he is not a hypnotist and not a magician. “An illusionist incorporates all of the stuff a magician uses times two,” said Wood.

His first couple tricks made doves appear out of nowhere and fly around the stage. He used these birds in quite a few of his stunts.

During his performance, there was a lot of audience participation. He invited a member of the audience to come on stage for a needle and string trick, another member went up for a “love at first sight test” trick, and a deck of cards was thrown into the audience as one of the stunts.

He also walked through the audience to demonstrate tricks in front of a table and even used a few SAB e-board members for volunteers.

The event was well-received by the audience. Senior Chris Grassman said, “I really enjoyed a lot of his tricks. They were really impressive, a little out of the ordinary, and things you normally don’t see.”

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