Fisher gets spooky at Monster Mainstage Halloween Party

The Biology Club, Outdoors Club, SAB, RHA and Commuter Council co-hosted the event.

Fisher students decorate pumpkins to display their Halloween spirit. (Lindsey Garrant, Staff Photographer)

By Lindsey Garrant, Staff Writer

Professors and students expanded their personal Fisher Family and brought halloween to Fisher early this year as they engaged in fall activities in Mainstage on Oct. 26.

Those in attendance could paint pumpkins, drink apple cider, eat pizza and listen to the band Big Tuna and the Fishermen, a band comprised of biology professors at St. John Fisher.

Students and professors matched the halloween decorated room by coming to the event in their own halloween costumes. Those without a costume were welcomed as well.

Edita Adazaga, vice president of the biology club, said that this event reiterates the Fisher Family slogan because students and professors were able to connect on a level they may not be familiar with and students were able to interact with others that they normally don’t talk to.

The party was hosted by the Biology Club, Outdoors Club, SAB, RHA and Commuter Council. Typically events are hosted by one or two clubs but Adazaga said that multiple clubs hosted the Halloween party to better advertise the event and to get more people involved. She said, “It builds that family, gets more people to show up, making it more fun for everybody.”

Some may say that the Halloween party put students and professors in the Halloween spirit.

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