Can I Kiss You? author discusses dating, intimacy

Mike Domitrz answered questions and brought up students to reenact scenarios during the 60 minute talk.

Mike Domitrz, speaker and author of Can I Kiss You?, speaks to students. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer

Can I kiss you? Can I hold your hand? Can I be your partner? These are all questions that represent one key term – respect. On Oct. 26, Mike Domitrz provided St. John Fisher with specific how-to skills for teaching consent, respect in relationships, bystander interventions and addressing sexual assault.

Although these are all serious topics, Domitrz made it enjoyable and attention grabbing for all students who attended. It was a very interactive talk that last about an hour long. Throughout the 60 minutes of speaking, Domitrz brought up students to reenact scenarios, answer questions and win prizes.

“It definitely changed the way I look at sexual assault, and although I have never been in a situation like that, you never know who has been,” said senior Maria Kelleher. “I called three of my friends after last night’s event and told them, I am always going to be here for you.”

Domitrz also talked about his sister, and her real life events that altered her and her family’s life. His sister was sexually assaulted, and instead of trying to go out and get revenge on the offender, he decided to go in a different direction. He made a difference by creating “Can I Kiss You?” so all demographics can have an upbeat yet informational seminar on sexual assault.

St. John Fisher students left the program with the ability to handle these types of conversations in their everyday lives.

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