Students crush insecurities, gain positivity

Fisher hosts the Love Your Body event.

Students attend the Love Your Body event in LeChase Commons. (Diana Russo, Staff Photographer)

Priscilla Ali, Class of 2020, and Madiya Bracamante, Class of 2017, at Wednesday’s Love Your Body event. (Diana Russo, Staff Photographer)

By Diana Russo, Lifestyles Editor

Fisher students crushed their insecurities and smashed paint filled balloons on a large white poster which promoted body positivity, in LeChase Commons on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

The balloons symbolized an insecurity a student may have. After the balloon was thrown and broke, students were encouraged to let that insecurity go.

After smashing balloons, students wrote prompted positive messages on white posters about their bodies. After vocalizing something they liked about themselves, The Student Prevention & Outreach Team provided students with love your body buttons.

Sara Shipley, Wellness Education Programmer in the Office of Campus Life discussed why it can be difficult for students to think of positive statements directly related to themselves, “I don’t know, but it is difficult for people. Maybe it’s weird to feel vulnerable, it’s weird to kinda open that door to things we might be shutting away that we don’t want to think about.”

In the past, this annual event was known as Smash The Scale and is now known as Love Your Body. To save money and resources, the scales were replaced with balloons. The purpose of this transition is described by Shipley, “This art project kinda stimulates getting rid of insecurities but also making something beautiful out of those insecurities.”

Shipley left students with the message, “You are beautiful.”

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