SGA sponsors debate watching party

Many students from the class of 2020 will be voting for the first time.

Students watch the third Presidential Debate in the Campus Center. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer 

The third Presidential Debate had various questions asking about world affairs, the U.S. economy and much more; which informed students on the opinions and approaches that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if they became president.

For the third time, held in the Main Stage in the Campus Center on October 19 at 9 p.m., a presidential debate airing was organized by Kelsey Michener, the vice president of clubs and organizations for the Student Government Association (SGA).

“I’m very passionate about wanting people to vote and people to be informed so… why don’t we just include food like pizza, make it a little more energetic so we did that for the second presidential debate and then it was a success so we did it for the third,” said Michener.

For some of the class of 2020, this is the first election that students can vote. Jennifer Shields, a freshman, said, “we are the future of America and if we don’t make a say now then out future would be messed up.”

Dylan MacQuoid, another freshman, said that “this is the first election that I will be able to vote in so it is important for us because we are growing up in the world and should hear what our future leaders have to say about what they want to do with our country.”

Michener said that “there is actually is a polling site at the Skalny welcome center and you have to be registered in this area but now it is too late to register in New York to vote in this election but as long as you registered Fisher as your home then you will be able to vote on Nov. 8.”

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