Students “Come Out” on National Coming Out Day

The Gay Straight Alliance promoted acceptance, individuality and positivity.


Members of the Gay Straight Alliance on National Coming Out Day. (Lindsey Garrant, Staff Photographer)

By Lindsey Garrant, Staff Writer

A cardboard door, a symbol of coming out, was a supplement for St. John Fisher students to communicate their sexuality on Oct. 11 in the Campus Center.

For the first time, this event was offered by the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) to promote acceptance, individuality and positivity on National Coming Out Day.

GSA members welcomed students with their shirts that said, “binaries are for computers…not people.” Members invited students to approach the colorful door, “come out” and say anything they wanted to. Students could then write their message on a white board.

Kera Turner, vice president of GSA, explained the purpose of this event, “our whole point of this is saying, tell us who you are. Because your sexuality or your romantic orientation is just one piece of your puzzle. And you have a really big puzzle as a person. It’s kind of more about being open about yourself and not being afraid of what other people think of you, which is a big stigma in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Turner also explained the atmosphere of club meetings, “you can just be you there. It’s a very open, safe place. We just want everyone to have fun, and be happy.”

GSA’s event coincidentally coincided with the Multicultural Affairs & Diversity Programs’ annual event with Erin Davies, a victim of hate crime.

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