Fisher football continues its undefeated season

Chris Smith led the Cardinals to a 49-31 win over Morrisville State.

By Evan Bourtis, Staff Writer

Saturday night’s game at Growney Stadium featured two players from opposing teams that had breakthrough games.

Fisher’s Chris Smith, who took James Chamber’s place in the backfield as he is recovering from injury, rushed for 147 yards. This gave Fisher four touchdowns to help the team to a 49-31 win.

Despite this impressive performance, Morrisville State quarterback Cory Benedetto earned even more rushing yardage than Smith with 149.

Fisher first discovered Benedetto’s commitment to running on his team’s first drive. After a series of failed rushes by running back Darrell West, Bendeto decided to take matters into his own hands on 3rd down, rushing 14 yards. Benedetto again took on this strategy, diving into the Fisher defense to earn Morrisville’s first touchdown.

Fisher’s first drive exposed the weaknesses in the Mustang’s defense. Fiukto’s first pass of the game was a 30 yard completion to wide receiver Will Blake. This was followed by a 13 yard rush that gave Fisher a touchdown.

After defensive lineman Seth Billington stopped Benedetto on 4th down at the Fisher 42, Fiutko threw a 17 yard pass to Mike Collichio that brought Fisher into Mustang territory. To finish off the drive, Smith dove into the end zone, earning him his second touchdown of the game. Smith also ran the ball in on Fisher’s next drive for a third touchdown.

Right before the half, Benedetto made the game more competitive as his three yard touchdown run made the score 21-14.

The second half started off with an interception from Morrisville’s Tim Webber, the first interception Fiutko has thrown this season. The Mustangs slowly moved up the field and Benedetto, once again, sprinted through the Fisher defense to tie the game.

Morrisville’s interception didn’t intimidate Fiutko from making the the most out of the team’s outstanding wide receivers. Fisher’s next drive included a 17 yard pass to Will Coon and a 11 yard pass to Mike Collichio. Smith, once again, had the honor of running the ball into the end zone to put Fisher back in the lead.

Things became intense in the fourth quarter as Fisher had by no means a comfortable lead. This lead became more comfortable, however, as Fiutko avoided a sack on the fourth down and rushed the ball 10 yards for a touchdown.

The Fisher defense finally seemed to figure out how to stop Benedetto, as Cardinal defender DJ Logory continued to tackle Benedetto containing him to short gains.

The next play was a heartstopper for Fisher fans as a hard tackle on Fiutko forced him to go to the sidelines. Fisher had already lost its starting quarterback Matt Natton due to injury and were not ready to lose Fiutko also. Luckily, Fiutko returned on the next play, throwing a touchdown pass to senior James Flagler that sealed the deal for the Cardinals.

The Cardinals will now take its 6-0 record and No. 13 national ranking into the weekend where the team will travel to Utica College on Saturday, Oct. 15 for an Empire 8 contest at 1 p.m.

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