Friday night lights at Fisher

About 70 players turned out for Fisher’s first powderpuff football game.

A player catches a pass down the field during Friday's powderpuff game. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Photographer)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer 


Back That Pass Up, the winning team, included Lauren Siminski, Blair Buszinski, Melissa Rustowicz, Nicole Hewitt, Abby Giovannini, Ali Dedicke, Alexandria Szpila and Valerie Nguyen. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Photographer)

Fisher experienced the first Friday night lights with a twist. On Oct. 7 at 7 p.m., Polisseni Field was home to about 70 girl football players for the powderpuff game.

Powderpuff is a game of flag football between girls from all classes. Each team consisted of 10-12 players, and there were seven teams that came out. The teams that participated in the games were Haffey Taffy, No Punt Intended, The Mitches, Power Puff Girls, The IV Leaguers, Back That Pass Up, and Flags Out For Harambe.

Back That Pass Up came out victorious and everyone on the team received Chipotle gift cards.

“It was a great night, that turned into an even better night once we won,” said Blair Budzinski, a player on Back That Pass Up. “Chipotle is definitely a necessity after all that running we did tonight.”

The class officers of 2017 thought that the powderpuff football games would offer a different type of activity here on campus.

“This is the first year that the games are happening. We thought that it would be another great way to get people involved on campus and show school spirit,” said Samuel Turner, a 2017 class officer.

After a very successful night and a great turn out, the games will definitely be around again next year.

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