Jon Favreau Comes to Fisher

Former speechwriter for President Barack Obama speaks during Alumni Weekend.

John Favreau speaks during alumni weekend. (Morgan Andersen, Staff Photographer)

By Morgan Andersen, Staff Writer

As Alumni Weekend continued on, with it came several interesting guest speakers. Nasim Pedrad and Jon Favreau being among the highlights of the weekend. Jon Favreau spoke on Oct. 1 at 10 a.m.

For those who don’t know the name, Mr. Favreau has a lengthy list of accomplishments. He was President Obama’s Head Speechwriter for 8 years, starting when President Obama was just a senator in Illinois.

Since resigning from his position in the White House, Mr. Favreau has created his own communication company, Fenway Strategies as well as staying involved in the political scene by being the host of the podcast, “Keeping It 1600’s”.

Mr. Favreau was witty, humorous, clever, and honest when he spoke on Saturday morning. He spoke, and the audience was very interested in what he had to say. His speech involved several topics including tips and lessons he learned about writing while in the White House, his journey and how he got into this field.

It was interesting to hear that Mr. Favreau went to a small liberal arts college, similar to St. John Fisher. He said, “I has a particular fondness for small liberal colleges, since that’s where I came from.”

After his speech, Mr. Favreau took questions from the audience. The questions ranged from his thoughts on the presidential candidates and their strategies during the debate to why he left the White House.

President Rooney was pleased with what Mr. Favreau had to say. He said, “John really a very talented young professional and it was encouraging to hear the impact of his collegiate experience which was at a institution like our own.”

This year’s alumni weekend was organized to bring in more speakers. When speaking with Mr. Castleberry, the person who organized and planned the weekend, he said, “wanted to create some excitement…create something attractive to alumni to come back and for current students to want to be a part of alumni weekend.”

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