Exhibit showcases history of Lavery Library

The newest exhibit at Lavery Library used photos and text to explore the library’s history.

The Lavery Library explored its own history in its latest exhibit. (Bridget Carney, Staff Photographer)

By Bridget Carney, Staff Writer

This past weekend, for alumni weekend, Lavery Library crafted a display of photos and text which presented a visual timeline of our library’s history, and what has offered for so long.

Nancy Greco, the instruction and archives librarian explained that she saves everything. She wants students to know that the time they’ve spent here at St. John Fisher is important, and has made an impact on our campus.

This unique exhibit was strategically displayed this past weekend to drive this exact idea home: every generation, even class, every student makes a difference.

“We had alumni visiting and we wanted to show them how the library was important when they were here, and how it may have evolved,” said Greco.

Though this weekend was a unique exhibit, it is not to first or the last time the Lavery Library will be creating an exhibit. Multiple times throughout the semester students can find different displays on each floor of the library to help us, entertain us, and provide key information about things happening on campus. Often, the library will establish a partnership with other departments or committees hosting events to further promote and inform.

“We assume students are busy and we understand, so we strategically place certain items in places we know they will be seen,” said Greco. “We like to get them thinking about something that might not have already been on their mind.”

Greco works hard to save different materials each semester to put together unique displays for students of the past, present, and future.

“Students are here for a small period of time,” said Greco. “They don’t know that they’re actually making history.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the library’s next display. To learn more about the library events or news, follow @LaveryLibrary on Twitter.

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