Roc Bottom Slam visits Fisher

The Roc Bottom Slam discussed social issues through poems.

“Roc Bottom Slam”: Left to right: Shaq Payne, Anderson Allen, Marvelous Marvin, Andrea Daszkiewicz, Ladii Love, K-t, Whitney Randall, Chi TheRealist. (Olivia Wild, Staff Photographer)

By Olivia Wild, Staff Writer

The Roc Bottom Slam discussed prejudices, racial issues and gender normalities through poems.

Entertainment from The Roc Bottom Slam included a performance by the Roc Bottom poets and an open mic, in Main Stage at 7 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 29.

The Roc Bottom Slam consisted of male and female community members. MJ Iuppa, Lecturer of Creative Writing and Director of Arts Program discussed the purpose of this group, “they talk about social issues and conscious raising, to breakdown the walls of prejudice.”

Students were allowed to perform their own poems by previously signing up with Ippa. Kat Whitmoyer, an open mic performer, discussed how she felt about performing, “I mean you almost saw my papers fly away so I was super nervous but it was really fun.”

The majority of Main Stage was filled with students, faculty and people from the Rochester community for the duration of the two hour event. Clare Holahan, a student attending St John Fisher College, said “it was intense, eye opening, and it was cool because I have never seen something like that before.”

To find out more about the poet group, the Roc Bottom Slam, visit their Facebook

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