Live From St. John Fisher, it’s Saturday Night!

Saturday Night Live Star Nasim Pedrad shared laughs and behind-the-scenes insights as part of alumni weekend.

By Michael Maraghi, Staff Writer

Though the event took place on a Friday, St. John Fisher College certainly had a Saturday night feel to it. On Friday, Sept. 30th, the campus hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) star Nasim Pedrad to share some laughs with the students, faculty, and alumni, and some behind-the-scenes insight into the comedy industry as part of the 2016 alumni weekend.

“We just really thought it was somebody that could transcend all generations because we have older alumni as well who are familiar with SNL even from the early days, students, and again the entire community at large,” said Libby Pinti, director of events and programming for the institutional advancement office.

The show began by Nasim recounting her childhood as a young, ethnic girl trying to fit in and how she turned to comedy. She talked about her Iranian father and his struggle with technology, attempting to order an Uber, and his fascination and subsequent description of all things quality as “Lamborghini-quality”, all of which was spoken in a hilarious SNL-like imitation.

The event also featured a table read volunteering session where members of the audience played characters like The Rock and Justin Bieber. Adam Moran, a senior at St. John Fisher College, played the role of veteran SNL actor Bill Hader.

“[I was] a little nervous at first seeing all the people, but then the house lights went off, and I just kinda looked down at the script and tried to go with it and have fun with it,” he said.

The event concluded with a question and answer period, where Nasim provided some valuable insight. She recommended for anyone interested in joining the industry to travel to a big theatre community and write wherever and whenever you can, sighting her own experience of writing for a comedy festival and getting discovered by none other than Tina Fey.

Senior Nick Pino was just one of the many students, alumni and faculty that attended the event.

“It was great!” he said. “Seeing someone really famous on Saturday Night Live here at Fisher for alumni weekend. It was a really fun time.”

Pinti also mentioned the possibility of more events like this in the future, saying that the door is open to celebrities and prominent figures in subsequent alumni weekends.

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