Fisher hosts annual blood drive

Students, faculty and staff donated blood to the American Red Cross.

A dozen donation tables were set up around the Wilson Formal Lounge for the Red Cross Blood Drive. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Photographer)

Freshman Nick Ghem spent extra time completing a “double red” donation. (Nicole Robinson, Staff Photographer)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer

Students, faculty and staff donated blood to the American Red Cross on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the Wilson Formal Lounge.

Attendees completed the standard process of a blood donation. Paperwork was filled out and pre-screening assessments were completed. Once confirmed healthy, participants were taken to a bed where blood was drawn. After donating, juice and snacks were provided to prevent dizziness and low blood sugar. The entire process took about one hour.

Students in attendance gave blood for personal or family reasons while others donated because they felt it was the right thing to do.

“I just feel better about myself afterwards,” said senior Maria Kelleher. “I hate needles, and I don’t physically enjoy the process, but there are people out there who need this more than I need to continue my fear of needles. Just knowing you are saving someone’s life is an incredible feeling.”

As a result of having the most universal blood type, type O positive, Freshman Nick Ghem donates blood because his mom encourages him to. Ghem gave two units of blood cells in one donation, a double red procedure. “The reason I did the double was because if someone in need of red blood cells is given a transplant, it takes three normal donors to help them, where it would only take one double donor,” said Ghem.

At the completion of the event, 100 people donated a total of 83 pints of blood. In addition, 12 students volunteered their time to ensure the functionality of the event.

Fisher will be hosting the next American Red Cross Blood Drive on Jan. 31, 2017.

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