C-SPAN campaign bus rolls into Fisher

The C-SPAN Campaign 2016 bus, loaded with interactive displays and a full working TV studio, came to Fisher as part of an upstate New York education tour.

The C-SPAN bus was parked just off LeChase Commons near Kearney Hall during Involvement Fest on Sept. 20. (Photo by Morgan Andersen, Staff Photographer)

By Morgan Andersen, Staff Writer


Inside the C-SPAN bus were laptop computers and other displays with election information. (Morgan Andersen, Staff Photographer)

This past Tuesday Sept. 20, the C-SPAN Campaign 2016 bus came to St. John Fisher.

For those who don’t know, C-SPAN is a public service station for cable. It provides non-partisan coverage of the House, Senate, and special committees and hearings, as well as special features concerning areas in politics or history. The station and bus right now are featuring a program and tour called “Road to the White House”.

The C-SPAN bus itself has touchscreens, TV monitors, laptops, and a video interview station that are all interactive, as well as a database with 250,000 hours of video that any person can access for free. The database covers many different topics and can be used a resource for school or work.

One of the unique features of C-SPAN is that the station doesn’t air commercials, they call it “gavel to gavel” coverage, so during the hearings or meetings, there are no commercials that interrupt the current program airing.

While speaking with Jenae Green, a marketing representative for C-SPAN, she said “that C-SPAN has gone to all 50 states, working with different schools presenting to young adults everywhere. It’s a great opportunity to experience and I’m excited to be working on it.”

The bus has had many of the past presidential candidates, with the exception of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, on to speak. The focus right now is the presidential election that is a little less than two months away. The goal of the C-SPAN bus is to educate and inform students, particularly high school and college-aged about the current events going-on in the political world. The bus that came to campus is on a special trip this week to various locations in New York, with a final stop in New York City.

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