Big turnout for Grease auditions

Cast selected for Fisher Players’ production of Grease after large turnout for auditions.

Amanda Wells, Holly Giles, Nicole Kimball and Oskarys Fermin patiently waiting for their turn to audition. (Justin Gould Staff, Photographer)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer


Students gather around vocal director Caterina Vongprachanh for voice exercises before auditions. (Justin Gould, Staff Photographer)

I got chills that are multiplyin’ and I’m losing control, because the Fisher Players are putting on Grease. On Nov. 18, 19, and 20, Fisher Players will light up the stage with the musical Grease.

Taylor Sanders, the director of the musical, is very excited to see this musical come together. “We actually have the most amount of people auditioning this year than my previous four years here at Fisher, and I believe it is because the show is so popular and fun,” Sanders says.

Although it is a fun production to put on, it is not all fun and games when it comes to picking the cast. This year cuts will have to be made since there are so many people auditioning and not that many leads to give out.

Sanders says it was great to have such a large turnout of freshmen, but she was also concerned that they could be discouraged if they did not get a part. The freshman waiting to audition said that they would be happy to get any role, as long as they were a part of the show.

Auditions took place in Cleary Auditorium, where auditioners sang about 45 seconds of a song and did a quick monologue to try and prove themselves to director Sanders, vocal director Caterina Vongprachanh and stage manager Taylor Rose. Since the process of auditioning is so nerve racking, auditioners waited in the hallway to get called so not everyone watched each other perform.

The roles for the cast were announced on Thursday Sept. 22. Guiliana Calascibetta was selected to play Sandy. Rizzo is being played by Emma Northrop. Danny is being played by Joe Gala. Stephen Lapointe is Kenickie.

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