Is London calling you?

A two-week travel study program to London, England may be just the thing for some students.

St. John Fisher students in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England while on the Discover London trip in 2015. Left to right Morgen Irwin, Allie Guido, Colby Brown, Olivia Rotondo and Alexandra Hristodoulou. (Provided photo)

By Nicole Robinson, Staff Writer


St. John Fisher students walk across Abbey Road in London, England while on the Discover London trip in 2015. Left to right Olivia Rotondo, Morgen Irwin, Colby Brown, and Allie Guido. (Submitted Photo)

The Discover London program provides an opportunity to students who want to study abroad, but cannot commit to a full semester, to fulfill their dreams within a two week period.

The program is provided by Cayuga Community College, and is a study abroad opportunity for about 100 students each year. Although it is run by Cayuga Community, any student from public and private schools across the state of New York can join. Many students from St. John Fisher College participate in this trip each year and get college credit for it.

The trip consists of two weeks in London, England. The students can choose to participate in any number of programs. Each course abroad is three credits and is taught by experienced faculty members. Students get the opportunity to learn in the classroom as well exploring historic landmarks throughout London.

This year’s trip will take place from Jan. 1-13, 2017. Depending on which program you decide to go into while abroad, you will do activities that pertain to your interests. For example, if you are in a media program, you will visit places like the BBC, which is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization.

The best part of this trip is that anyone who is interested and available for the two weeks can get involved. The trip costs $3,190 plus tuition but there are financial aid options for those who qualify. The total payment includes round trip transportation, three college credits, and lodging with breakfast and activities around London (lectures, tours, excursions, etc).

Olivia Rotondo, a St. John Fisher senior, participated in the trip two years ago. When asked what she got most out of the trip she said, “For me this was one of the first opportunities I traveled by myself so I was able to get a taste of what study abroad was like and also being on my own.” Through the online interview, she said, “I had the opportunity to experience media from a different perspective and visit the place I had only seen online — the city of London, BBC, Wall Street Journal.”

A recruitment meeting for the trip will be held on Wednesday Sept. 21 in Basil 118. For additional information you can call (315) 294-8529 or visit Fisher students may also contact Media and Communication professor Jack Rosenberry

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